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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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♪ >> he didn't sign my wallet. he saved my son's life. >> thankful mother wants to repay the heroism of a complete
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stranger. >> and police say she lost it and choked a teenager at the happiest place on earth. ♪ first tonight police are still on the look out for who they are calling a monster. a four-year-old girl a victim of the unthinkable and tonight a warning out across new castle county, delaware. good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. tonight parents are keeping a very close eye on their children after a little girl was grabbed and then dumped hours later nearly naked. >> the man responsible is still out there. our brad sattin live at the park where that girl was found. brad, making everybody sick about this. >> reporter: yeah, no doubt about it. this is banning park this is where she was found. she was missing for a couple hours yesterday before she turned up here. she is back home tonight, but certainly with predator on the loose. a lot of neighbors are nervous tonight, especially with good weather moving in and kids headed outside.
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tonight i'm with her. we're walking. >> reporter: scott roberts and his ten-year-old getting in some father/daughter time and it's no accident. >> just a few days ago, she goes out on her hoverboard witness neighbors down the street and they're riding around the block and the parents we're not with them. we're cooking dinner or doing whatever and now makes you wonder do i have to follow my child? >> most of the time i don't always want him clinging on me. >> reporter: with a child predator on the loose a nice weather on the way clinging is just fine. >> i want you to be vigilant. when your kids are playing outside i want to you make sure that an adult is supervising. >> reporter: policing to make this case their top priority finding the man who forced a four-year-old girl into his car thursday night in the village of plum run community where she was playing with friends. >> i had my back door open. the screen door open and all of a sudden just heard them screaming, um, and i ran out and said, um, what's going on? what's going on? and they said somebody took the little girl. >> reporter: took her and based on medical check sexually
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assaulted her. let it sing in. she's four years old. she was found a couple hours later miles away walking nearly naked along banning park in newport the police chief not holding back. >> i think what we have is a monster who was riding around looking for an opportunity. >> reporter: through the night last night and into today, every available officer was on the hunt for clues with vehicles being stopped that matched the description of a dark colored four door sedan with tinted windows. the suspect only being identified as a white or hispanic male. there is no case more unthey have beening than this. >> there are no words to express the grief that i feel for the families that are involved in this for the children that were in that neighborhood and for the innocence that has been taken away. >> reporter: now police are saying that that little girl was able to provide at least a little bit of information, again, she is a four-year-old. they are continuing police that is to search for any surveillance video that may show the man or the car, of course, the investigation continues.
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talked to the police a short time ago. they continue to work this case around the clock. chris and dawn. >> hopefully they'll find the person responsible. thank you, brad. time now for a look what's on your ray rash do tonight. it seems hard to believe after all the rain it's dry out there tonight as we take a look at old city. make sure you of you have your contract it's feeling like winter out there. what's the rest of the weekend have in store. meteorologist scott williams is here with a look at your forecast. scott. >> winter for now a weekend warmup in the offing. talking about sunshine returning and also record warmth that will be in the seven day forecast. but it is chilly. 43 degrees right now. the winds that makes it feel even colder. wind chills in the 30s. here's the area of low pressure pulling away. gusts still to 30 miles per ho hour. we have 30 degrees mount pocono. 40 in allentown. low 40s along the i-95 corridor. mid 40s right now in wildwood. look at the overnight lows. crank the heat.
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freezing in millville, 32 for the low. 32 in pottstown. mid 30s in philadelphia. but high pressure will build in for tomorrow. for the upcoming weekend. sunshine will return and the temperatures, they will respond. so as we plan your day for tomorrow a chilly start, 50 by noon upper 50s the high temperature by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about 60s, 70s even 80s with that seven day forecast all coming up. back over to you. >> okay, scott. see in you a few minutes this just in. video of police in sweden arre arresting a man in connection with the suspected terror attack that killed four and injured 15 others. they say he's the man who drove a stolen beer truck and slammed into a high-end department store in the center of stockholm. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. the sweet dish prime minister with strong words for those who mean harm to his country. >> we are determined never to let the values that we treasure
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democracy, human rights and freedom, to be undermined by hatred. >> the suspects linked to the attack has not been made public. officials say there is a possibility others were involv involved. it is now a little more than 24 hours since president donald trump ordered air strikes against military targets in syria. and reaction to last night's cruise missile strikes is starting to give way to thoughts about what exactly is next. >> there are indications that last night's air strikes could change the current go political makeup. doug mckelway is in washington with the latest for us tonight. doug. >> reporter: president trump's first military action since taking office has marked an about face for an administration which promised america first but it has definitely gotten the world's attention. with nearly pinpoint precision all but one of the 59 u.s. cruise missiles launched from the eastern mediterranean hit their targets. including air base from bashar
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al-assad launched chemical tack on tumors many u.s. allies praised the air strike while syria and its allies couldn't department action as illegal. >> what we're really seeing is a return to the sort of active role that american presidents have played in foreign dee sense policy for last several decades. >> reporter: russia bashar al-assad ben guest beneficiaries the united states as one its war ship social security storming toward the two american ships from where the missiles were fired. at an emergency session of the united nations security council which u.s. ambassador nicky haley forced to be held public view russias' ambassador warned of very serious consequences. >> russia supposed to be a guarantor of the removal of chemical weapons from syria. but obviously that is not happened. innocent cyreans continue to be murdered. >> reporter: according to the white house, this was personal for the president who more than once this week remarked publicly
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it was the images of innocent men, women and especially babies that prompted the president to act. >> i think last night with syria the world stage saw a commander in chief who is also speaking like a father an grandfather. >> reporter: not backing down ambassador hail lee said this was a measured step but indicated the united states is prepared to do more if it is necessary. chris and dawn, back to you. >> all right, thank you dug. >> of course, there's a lot more to come with this story. stay with fox 29 for the very latest on air and online at the reward is now up to $5,000 to find whoever doused a cat, a one-year-old cat with gasoline and stuffed her a garbage bag in reading berks county. this maizy is now nicknamed miracle maizy. two workers collecting garbage found the cat stuffed in trash bag already crushed inside the garbage truck. they heard her meow you
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thankfully. vets say she was in shock, under weight and covered in bruises from an apparent beating. she is on the road to recovery but is still being very closely monitored. if you know anything about what happened to maizy you're asked to please call the reading police. skyfox over chester county high school this morning where classes were closed for the day. this is kennett high school. officials say routine testing revealed legionella bacteria in the hot water there. workers are focused on getting rid of the bacteria and no longer using the spigot where the sample was taken. as a precaution, all of the showers in the building are shut down. the school district says there is no cause for alarm. health department officials say there are no confirmed reports of legionnaire's disease. and happening right now, terrifying moments for two employees when an armed man burst into their store. cops say he assaulted one of the workers and threatened the other. >> and this all happened last night at the new shop express in west oak lane. fox 29's shawnette wilson is
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live for us tonight at police headquarters and shawnette, you spoke to one of the victims? >> reporter: dawn and chris, yeah, you know, i got chills listening to this clerk talk about how his co-worker was actually praying outloud while he was being held at gun point like i could actually picture this happening. there's a good picture of the suspect captured on video and hopefully it will help police catch him. >> put a gun on my chest and told me give me all the money. >> reporter: two clerks at the new shop express convenience store at 6900 old york road in west oak lane got the shock of their life. a masked man with a gun walked in and demanded money. store surveillance video shows the robber first point the gun at the guy behind the counter then grab his co-worker. >> he put a gun on my chest and told me give me all the money. >> reporter: carlos was behind the counter. he says he happened last night between 9:00 and 9:30. right away, he told the robber he would give him all of the money as he put it in plastic bag. but he says the man kept
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threatening to shoot the other clerk. >> i put all the money in the plastic bag. i put it in the corner. he took the bag. and he told me, give me everything from your pockets. i said i don't got nothing. >> all of this is going down, you see a customer come from the other side of the store and watch as the robbery is happening. carlos says the robber takes the bag of cash and his co-worker's wallet before demanding money from the customer. but then says never mind and leaves. cameras outside capture him taking off his mask while running away. the co-worker didn't come to work today but carlos said he had to even though he was nervous. >> i think about it. i mean i have to do it i got to work. hot. >> reporter: the store has been there four years. this is the first time they've been robbed. chris? >> all right, shawnette, thanks. police say one person was trapped when two cars and a septa bus collided in north philadelphia earlier tonight. you can see one of the car on its roof. the other with front end damage.
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this all happening at the intersection of fifth and berks in north philadelphia. the victim was freed then taken to the hospital. well what's prom night without just the right dress? but it can cost you big. and a child is choking inside a subway while he turns blew his mom calls for help. >> he didn't find my wallet. he saved my son's life. >> the guy disappeared schenn wants to talk to him but not just to thank him. and her crime is the talk of the magic kingdom but her name also has a lot of people tal talking. ♪
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first responders in strawberry mansion slide a stretcher out of the window to rescue a resident from a row home in danger of collapsing there. l and. was called to the 3100 block of fontaine street just before 5:0d requested meter assistance and you can see why. that resident was taken to hahnemann university hospital to be evaluated. well going to the prom is one of the most memorable times for teenagers real right of passage for young people, but when you add it all up, the prom is also pretty pricey these da days. >> now the philadelphia school district is trying to make it easier on the wallet for prom goers. fox 29's joanne pileggi joins us live from spring garden to tell us how. joanne. >> reporter: guys, what do you think 80 cost of going to prom this year add it all in it could be close to $500 or more. that's a lot of money. well the philadelphia school district is trying to help some students cut the cost with a prom dress give away.
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this is no ordinary fancy dress boutique. it's an auditorium at the philadelphia school district offices. >> that one looks great on you. >> yes. i was about to give up honestly. i was really about to give up. i seen this dress. it's so cute. >> reporter: tie brown one of many here at the the red carpet glam event. >> it's an awesome program. it's going great. we started exactly at 3:00 o'clock. we had about 350 students downstairs waiting. >> somebody spent $300 on a dress. i don't have money for that. so i'm glad they have this option. >> district helped to collect several hundred beautiful formal dresses all donated. >> 85% of the dresses are brand knew with the price tags on so we have an idea about what they cost, and what parents would have spent. >> as a single mom finances get rough especially for senior year. senior dues to pavement you got the trip and it's a lot of pressure. so this is an absolute blessing. >> i feel like basically got it
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for free. like honestly. i'm so happy right now. >> definitely a special prom shopping experience that inclu included stylish sandals and other accessories. >> this opportunity came up and i was just like i got, you know, good dress. >> reporter: gorgeous dress, right. >> yes. >> reporter: so many of those girls had gorgeous dresses. well, the district this was such a success this year they're thinking about doing it for the guys next year. by the way, they gave away about $10,000 in donated prom dresses. chris, dawn? >> wow what a great idea. thanks, joanne. money is now become available for religious organizations in the interest of homeland security. >> many non-profit groups are also eligible to apply for this community meetin meeting was het the katz jewish community center in cherry hill you may remember a bomb threat was call in back in february. groups from atlantic, burlington, camden, cape may, cumberland, gloucester, mercer, salem and warren counties all
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invited to apply for up to $50,000 in grant money it's all through secure nj. if you're interested we have set up a link to the application information on our website just click on seen on tv. ♪ [ inaudible ] >> the way syrian artist puts it he's worried about the future of his past. and so he's stage wagon he calls an art intervention at the penn museum in a new exhibition opening saturday he makes his plea to save syria its people and its time less cultural heritage. >> morning high take is the past is a tremendous thing to explore especially in syria where the present just continues to rear its ugly head. it did earlier this week with a gas attack killing more than 100 people as graze al fashion as there is and again yesterday
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with a retaliatory us missile strike on a syrian air base company curator brian daniels syria's war torn status quote is warping people's view of the place. >> a place of war is not really reflective of the long historical trajectory of this place.>> the exhibition called l hers in the crossfire stories from syria and iraq puts ancient art alongside the present age old scrolls face a display of small boats filled with burnt matches. sculptures look at damaged x-rays recovered from she would hospitals. the museum says it's not just about the objects or just seeing something. >> museums do a lot more. it's out reach in spaces of conflict like syria and iraq right now and other places where we're trying to activel activelp our colleagues and this ex hibit showcases some exactly what those relationships look like. >> reporter: maybe the most blatant representation of the
10:19 pm
present making war on the past is video at the front of the exhibition of isis soldiers tearing down a 3,000-year-old palace and blowing up ancient islamic shrines. he's an artist and he's not much one for geo political problem solving but he did say this. >> syria playground for bad boys. this is what i feel what is happening. >> reporter: countless ancient artifacts have been destroyed since this thing began on the heels of the arab spring back in 2011 and make no mistake these are objects not of syrian or iraqi heritage but of human heritage. this is our history and it may just have a chance once the past becomes as important to the various sides of this conflict as dictating the present and the future. i'm not holding my breath. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ big day on cap capitol hill the senate has confirmed neil gorsuch as the supreme court justice. this comes aft bitter political
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battle to confirm president trump's pick to fill the ninth seat on the high court. republicans used a rule change to confirm gorsuch by simple majority as opposed to traditional 60 vote threshold. democrats are condemning the use of the so-called nuclear option warning it will make the senate more contentious in years to come. a stranger's ran dollar act of kindsness may have saved a young boy's life. >> now the two year old's mom wants to thank that stranger. mary graham and two children were sitting in the back of a subway restaurant in the chicago area when two-year-old noah began to choke on dorito. i wasn't known man ran to the young boy, pull him out of his stroller and got him breathing again. he through up and started to breathe again. she rush to the bathroom to clean him up and when she became came out the stranger was already gone. >> i didn't even get to tell him thank you. nothing. and then you know she had said, you know, some people are here for a reason. you know not to worry about it
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too much. that he knew what he did. but still i mean that's my son. he didn't find my wallet. he saved my son's life. >> she's hoping someone who this man is and encourages him to come forward so she can thank this lifesaver personally. ♪ >> lightning strike sends a boat up in flames. firefighters are not -- are injured but not by fire. are you flying delta this weekend? better check in first. why so many flights all over the country are being delayed. and she just wanted to track her steps. but one woman says her fit bit saved her life. ♪
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>> terrifying moments after lightning strikes a boat in michigan. sparking a fire. this was the scene in saint claire shores thursday night. firefighters were pouring water on the flames to prevent the fire from spreading across the marina, when the wind knocked down a power line. it then came into contact with the boat and the ladder that firefighters were using and shocked the men. you can tell -- >> power lines are incredible dangerous. they can kill in you a heartbe heartbeat. these guys know what look for and you can see they got hurt. they actually jumped part way down from the ladder they didn't get shocked further. >> you can tell just how powerful the electrical shock was by looking at the latter. the end is scorched it used to
10:25 pm
be foot longer those firefighters are recovering tonight. ohio man is under arrest tonight after police say he chased a family member with a hatchet but it is the mug shot that has a lot of people talking tonight. take look. 63-year-old noel dawson, jr., that is him right there facing multiple assault charges. he's accused of swinging a hat at another man. fortunately he missed. he hit his truck instead. i'm sorry. wow crazy mug shot. it was a wild chase through some quiet texas neighborhoods after teenager steals an ambulance. >> it all started when police say the 18-year-old was taken to the emergency room. he then walked out and stole the ambulance and took off. police eventually caught up with him, chasing him until he hit a curb disabling the motor. >> get on the ground! get on the ground! >> police arrested that driver.
10:26 pm
no one was hurt much he's facing several charges including drunk driving. he's being held on $115,000 bo bond. she's accused of choking a teen at the happiest place on earth. and it's all over fireworks. and our scott williams tra tracking your ever important weekend forecast. scott. >> hi dawn. cold and blustery. winds right now gusting to 30 miles an hour in wilmington. almost 30 in allentown. but a weekend warmup is ahead. the details next. and finding that perfect fitting pair of jeans. it can be tough unless you have blue tooth built into your pan pants. >> all right. that's interesting. ♪
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the talk of the magic kingdom tonight. a woman under arrest for assaulting a teenager police say it was all over fireworks. >> witnesses say the woman grabbed the teen and choked her when she wouldn't get out of the way during the fireworks show. fox's brian scott has more. >> reporter: it's the talk of
10:30 pm
the tourists today. >> that's crazy. i'm just astonishment i can't believe anybody would do that to child. >> flip out over fireworks. orange county sheriffs deputes at a ba that mature was seated with family in the magic kingdom to watch the firework. group of teens was standing in front of her. she got mad she couldn't see. so according to the report, mature eventually grabbed one of the girls by the neck, pushing her to the ground and yelling, you don't mess with me. deputes arrest the the 41-year-old tabatha mature on child abuse charges. touristtourists quick to note te irony. >> maybe she needs to think of her name next time. >> there's no excuse for this one. >> we've all been through the teenaged years and we've never seen or heard of anybody choke ago child before just because of not being able to see firework. >> fireworks go up. i mean, really? you can lay on
10:31 pm
the ground and watch them. why would you have to choke somebody? >> mature was visiting orlando from michigan but it look like she'll be getting to spend a little extra time in the sunshine state. new u.s. citizen gets big hahn for. pennsylvania congressman pat meehan presenter an american flag to em nat at a simone know it wasn't just any american flag this one flew above the us capitol. all of her office was there as the republican congressman presented that flag to her. >> we are grateful that you have taken the time to invest yourself so -- so deliberately in your community. but by your example in pursuing citizenship we congratulate you on that. >> it means a lot. it really really means a lot. it means so much. i'm going to keep that and cherish that for the rest of my life. >> she is from west africa and has been living in the united states for the last 13 years. former vice-president joe biden heads back to school. >> he paid a visit to his alma mater the university of
10:32 pm
delaware. the former vw celebrating the non partisan biden institute which focuses on public policy and you could say biden's political career began at the university of delaware. he was elected class president with his sister valerie serving as his campaign manager. she would continue in that capacity throughout his career. with biden is back signings hanging the former vice-president talked about his affinity for the school. >> there are an awful lot people here at this university including dean's who not only believed in me but made me believe in myself. a kid from claymont and scranton who -- whoo! >> just typical middle class family but they made me believe that there wasn't anything that, n i couldn't do. >> vice-president biden graduated in 1965 with a double major in history and political science.
10:33 pm
phillies fans braced chilly temperatures light drizzle to root for their favorites in the phillies home opener this afternoon. tailgators got to the citizens bank park hours ahead of first pitch to take part in pre-game festivities. our bruce gordon got the tough opening day assignment. >> reporter: game time was 3:05 but the diehards got here much, much earlier. >> go, fills! >> reporter: phillies play 81 home games each year but the first well that's always special. >> what makes you want to be part of all of this? >> tradition. tradition and the fun. excitement of opening day. >> let's go phillies. >> reporter: temperature was in the high 40s but 20 miles an hour wind made it feel much colder. >> it was so nice this week. what happened? >> reporter: not to worry. hot sausage and a few dozen layers of clothing and all was well. >> right now you get to be, bundle around your grill but we get to have lots of fun while we get to wait for the phillies to play. >> reporter: ferris wheel and
10:34 pm
street fair outside the park got folks in the right frame of mi mind. philadelphia notoriously tough fans are in a bit more for giving mood at the start of the season. >> it's opening day. it's tradition. so face painting, the party, the boys, boys are back in town. >> program, scoreboard lineup. >> reporter: and those who got here early to watch batting practice and just soak up the atmosphere spoke of the feeling they get when the season lies ahead and all things seem possible. >> opening day is like nothing else with the phillies. >> reporter: pat keith wanted her grandson landon to experience it first hand. >> the excitement is different. the crowds are different. the fanfare is different. you can feel, it's exciting. you can feel it in the air. >> reporter: finally, after a winter long wait at 3:00 10:00 p.m. that feeling game reality. >> first pitch here in south philly this year. >> phillies baseball is back. the baseball experts don't expect much from this phillies
10:35 pm
team. maybe 500 ball at best. but, hey, it's early april and hope springs eternal. at citizens bank park. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> look out. a car goes airborne eventually landing on its roof. what police say happened that caused the 87-year-old driver to lose control. and how could he let his little girl do that? why this father says these pictures aren't really what they seem. ♪
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>> frightening moments caught on camera in georgia. an elderly woman in that car hits the gas instead of the brake. the car rolls over on to its side. this happened north of atlanta. at a shopping center parking l lot. people quickly ran to the 87-year-old woman's rescue and
10:39 pm
they work to get her out of the sun roof. her family says luckily she does not have any serious injuries. delta airlines passengers are delayed at airports across the country right now including here in philadelphia. the airline says it has canceled about 3,000 flights this week after a storm hit its husband in atlanta. delta says it's still working to get planes and crews back in position for flights. it's already busy time for travel due to spring break. travelers whose flights have been canceled are eligible for refunds. the airline is also offering to wave fees for those who rebook their flights. burger king will soon be offering up a new treat. that could take you back to your childhood. it's a fruit loops shake. the sweet drink includesville in a la flavored soft serve with fruit loops cereal pieces and topped with whipped cream. it's just under three dollars and will be available for limited time starting apri april 17th. >> love me some fruit loops. >> well, most people buy those fit bits to track their steps and help them lose weight i
10:40 pm
don't think that shake will he help. [ laughter ] >> for one woman in connecticut she says the fitness tracker actually helped save had he ever live. here's a deal. 73-year-old patricia loud derr wasn't feeling well. thought she had a sinus infection that might have turned into pneumonia. by looking at her fit bit, she noticed her resting heart rate was climbing higher and higher every day. she had shortness of breath and eventually called an ambulance that is when doctors discovered a major problem blood clots an enlarged heart. >> i went to the doctors to, um, have that checked out. that turn out to be negative. when it finally got to a point where walking across the room was major issue i picked up the phone and knew that i needed help. >> her lung and heart function eventually rumped returned to normal. she says without that fit bit she might not be alive to tell her story. finding that perfect fitting
10:41 pm
pave jeans can be difficult unless you have a blue tooth built into your pants? good i got to hear this one. scott williams tracking your forecast. could be some warmup on the way. >> yeah a big washington yup, chris. right now it feels like wept. guess what? we're talk ago summer preview. the seven day forecast is next. ♪ hi
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don't let dust and allergens and life's beautiful moments. flonase allergy relief delivers more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose. so you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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>> father is rattling nerves over pictures of his daughter. steve crowley posting pictures office his daughter and seemingly dangerous situations. don't worry. they're not actually real. the images are photo shopped. but this dad is trying to raise awareness about the importance of being a bone marrow donor. his daughter has a rare immune disorder. she's been in the hospital for six months now getting chemotherapy. the dad hopes the posts connect donors to patient who's need healthy bone marrow. it can be a real struggle to find pair of jeans that fits you just right. but now there's a new high-tech option believe it or not to help you fine the perfect pair of jeans. >> i don't know about this. it involves wi-fi blue tooth and something that's all wired up. fox's dana jay as more. >> i would say this is my must have denim. >> reporter: right pair of jeans are a girl's best friend. >> you can dress this up, dress it down.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: at shops like zhu zhu boutique -- >> with this denim you're good it's a must have. >> reporter: they know how to help you find them. >> 70% of the time we shrek the denim the client goes with. >> reporter: wouldn't it be great to get that kind of fit and service from the comfort of your couch? one israeli entrepreneur is gambling that he can give it to you. online. using a high tech measuring system he calls blake a glove. >> they have sensors in the leggings themselves so they measure all the key parameters of yourself. >> put on the leggings they measure you everywhere and send the reader reidings by blue tooth to a free app on your phone or tablet. then it takes you to the specific sizes and styles of jeans that will supposedly fit your body best. >> essentially helps you to discover the best fit in denim for you in seconds. >> reporter: jeans lover kimberly agreed to be our guinea pig. >> the app did its thing. i still was skeptical.
10:46 pm
die not think those jeans were going to fit me. >> we all have challenges. >> i have thick thighs and a larger bottom and a smaller waist. so it's very difficult for me personally to find jeans that fit my body type. >> reporter: the moment of truth. >> i love it. >> i love the way they fit. the waist fits me really good. everything just fits really well. for me to open a box and just put pair of jeans on and they fit, i mean, that never happens. >> reporter: until now. >> dana jay, fox news. ♪ time to check in with the fox 29 weather authority. dry outside on the ben franklin parkway tonight. but trade in that umbrella for a heavy jacket. it is chilly out there. scott williams has the forecast in 15 seconds.
10:47 pm
it's been a cold and blustery friday across the entire area. high temperatures today only in the 40s. a lot of cloud cover. the cloud cover will diminish overnight and those temperatures will drop into the 30s. here's that area of low pressure that brought us the rain, the thunderstorms yesterday, bringing snow to upstate new york. seconds of new england as it pulls away. but a cold wind out of the north and west. it's been gusting at times over 30 miles per hour. so take look at the cold air, 33 pittsburgh. we have 45 baltimore. 43 philadelphia along with new york city and boston. we'll zoom in a little closer. we have mid 40s down the shore right now. 40 degrees in allentown and re reading but 30 right now in the poconos. so it will be cold for the overnight those winds will start to diminish a bit for the overnight but still a breezy day
10:48 pm
on tap for tomorrow. but it will be a cold start with those lows tomorrow morning in the 30s. so walking the dog running some early morning errands it will be chilly but temperatures with the return of the sunshine reboun rebounding nicely. we're talking 59 philadelphia. and also atlantic city. 59 in wilmington. 57 the high temperature in allentown. reading about 58 degrees. so once again, for tomorrow, the sunshine returns. it stays a little breezy upper 50s philadelphia. then sunday, high temperatures top out right around 67 degrees. and then it gets warmer beyond that as we head into early next week. a ridge of high pressure will kind of set up shop almost like a summer like pattern. 70s to 80s for early next week. so once again, tomorrow the sunshine returns upper 50's if you're headed to the game tomorrow evening, grab that jacket or sweater temperatures will drop into the low 50s there still will be breeze.
10:49 pm
67 on sunday. monday take a look at that. 79 degrees. and then nearing records for tuesday. the high 82. the record is 84. not as warm by wednesday 71 degrees as we move towards thursday into friday maybe a shower chance an little cooler. 64 degrees by next friday. back over to you. >> loving the sound of that scotty. that's for sure. all right. round two action at the masters picked back up today as we head into the weekend a fan favorite is tied for the lead. we tell hugh that is and the phillies pla played their firste game of the season today where thing started off ugly but the fightings fought back and made eight ballgame. we got the highlights next in sports. ♪
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♪ once in awhile we can smile as philadelphia sports fans dan is one of those days. it was the phillies home opener where an flow of fans braced the chilly weather to want phils take on the washington nationals. don't worry, although the fightings struggled in cincinnati in their first series of the season, they still remain alive in the play off hunt with 158 more games to go. why go to opening day? is that
10:54 pm
even a question? what a scene. phillies honor former manager dallas grown with patch on their uniforms. little black under the 1980 phillies logo. great great harry kalas son sank the national anthem. it started off ugly for the phillies. bryce harper and went yard. so did jayson werth. bottom ninth down seven-four. freddie galvis hits two run homer to right. fills down one. bottom 92 outs odubel hits a weak grounder to first. and that will do it. phillies lose their home opener seven-six and they need a performance like jeremy hellickson game one start from aaron nola tomorrow. >> i'm really happy the way the guys battled back. to be down seven to zero with scherzer pitcher for the guys to come back the way they did including their closer was huge and i think it's a good -- good omen for things to come.
10:55 pm
>> good game. all right. let's talk golf. round two of the battle for the green jack picked back up today in augusta, georgia. if you asked any golfer playing in the masters this weekend most would say that they would swim oceans just to win golfs most prestigious prize. yesterday it was all about the win. today it was rocking chair on your porch type weather. 65 and sunny. brandon grace on the third shot on 15 watch this like roses in your garden a beautiful shot right there finds the bottom of the cup. eagle for grace. story of the day is this guy. sergio garcia with deep shot on 17. he would go on to later birdie the hole. sergio and ricky fowler both at four under par along with two others. here's your leader board right now. are you ready to release the hounds this weekend? should be awesome. current leader board four players tied at four. freddie boom boom couples at minus one and phil mickleson is even. finally we head to seattle number one congratulations to pearl jam whose inducted into
10:56 pm
the rock and roll hall of fame tonight. and two, to tell you about a new ballpark food that you can now get at mariners games. to haved grasshoppers. that's right. for four dollars, guys, you can get a cup of toasted chili lime flavored grasshoppers. man that looks delicious. high protein. locale and chris i know you care about this, they're gluten free. >> grasshoppers? >> yes. >> i mean crickets i could see. they have like a smokey after taste. >> hmm. that looks tasty right there. >> would you try? >> let me get a bowl of that. >> i would try it yeah. >> we used to do that at the delta house at temple. [ laughter ] >> for fun. >> it's the food of the future believe it or not. >> all right that. does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by for what's coming up at 11:00. hey, dawn. >> guys i'm pass on that one. chris, parents are on high alert in one delaware community after four-year-old little girl was taken just feet from her home. she is home tonight but the suspect is still out there. and parents are nervous as can
10:57 pm
be. and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your life mega millions lottery drawing is neck. we'll see in you a few minutes. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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